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  • Pennsylvania 
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Our Permit to Carry Classes in the St. Paul, MN

Everything you need to know to apply for permits in multiple states, including but not limited to :

Other Courses offered by Twin Cities Carry​

  • Basic Firearm Familiarization
  • Permit to Carry (MN and Multi-State)
  • One-on-One Training 
  • AR-15 Rifle Platform Basic Care & Maint.
  • Private Group Training 
  • MN DNR Hunter education / Firearm Safety

Standard MN Permit to Carry Course  (6hrs)

  • Safe Firearm Handling and Storage
  • Firearm Fundamentals
  • Legal Issues for Minnesota Permit to Carry holders
  • Minnesota Permit to Carry Laws
  • Use of Deadly Force 
  • Weapon Retention 
  • Firearm and Holster Selection