Q: How old do i need to be to take the course ?

A: you must be at least 20 years old to take the course but can not apply to get a permit till 21 

Q: I lost my Certificate, can i get a replacement ?

A: Yes. if you completed your class within the last year we can get you a replacement --- Click Here 

Q: I dont have a gun can i rent one ?

A: Yes. when you sign up to do your shooting test you have the option to rent a gun from us, we include the ammo - $10 fee - Click Here

Q: What are your locations ?

A: we operate out of 8 different gun ranges Click Here to see them all  

Q: How do i use a coupon or discount ?

A: if it is a valid coupon or discount it will always include redemption instructions 

Q: Do you offer a multi state permit course ?

A: Yes.  - our multi state course is a supplement to our MN permit course and you must take that course first and can add the Multi state to that for only $20 

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Q: Can i just show up to do a shooting test or class ?

A: No. you must pre register for all tests and classes - if you just show up there will not be any supplies or certificate for you upon arrival 

Q: How long does the online course take ?

A: you can start and stop at your own pace so everyone is different but there is approx three hours of content and quizes in the online course  

Q: Where can i get a Permit to carry application  ?

A:  You can print one from this link Click Here

Q: How long do i have to finish the course?

A: from the start of the course you have ninety days to complete the course and perform the shooting test. you will also have an additional thirty days to review the material